To all the Bad Boys I’ve loved before

// Episode 16: To all the Bad Boys I've loved before

//DiesDas & The Other is a podcast about all the weird things I obsess over.

CONTENT NOTE: Discussion of violence, queerphobia, racism, sexism

6 months later than originally planned, here comes a frank discussion about my problematic faves in fandom, what that has to do with internalized misogyny and society’s tendency to give certain types of men the benefit of the doubt, as well as my obsession with anarchy and bad boys. Featuring Micky Milkovich, Spadino Anacleti, Joe and Nicky, Agron and others.

This was supposed to be a (very DIY) YT video at one point, but the image flickers a little too much, especially during the first half. The episode is uploaded to Vimeo here, instead (beware of the flickering!). And the audio version can be found here.

Cover Art by Marie Minkov (@mmariemkv)


Editing by Martin J.